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Easily scrape Google reviews without worrying about proxies, CAPTCHAs, headless browsers and more.

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$ curl '' -H 'spiderman-token: X' { "status": 200, "source_url": "", "review_count": 42, "average_rating": 5.0, "reviews": [ { "id": 914900216, "name": "Matt A.", "date": "2020-03-31", "rating_value": 5, "review_text": "Tl;dr: Not only were Naturally Delicious..." }, {..} ] }
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Why use Review Scraper API?


Standard JSON format

Across 85+ review sites.

Duplicate detection

Advanced duplicate detection

We make sure you only ever receive unique reviews.

More reviews

Review responses

Collect review responses as an option.

Clean data

Clean data

Don't worry about date formats, changing sites and data.


Review meta data

Detect reviews that are verified and updated, and those with a URL.

Constant improvements

Constant improvements

Round the clock maintenance to make sure the API only gets better.


Hobby $99 / m Startup $249 / m Business $499 / m Enterprise $999 / m
Credits 100,000 500,000 1,250,000 2,500,000
Base fee
Tier 1 10 10 10 10
Tier 2 8 6 5 4
Review fee 1 1 1 1
Priority support
Dedicated queue

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