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Web Scraping API Comparison

What is this?

Choosing a web scraping partner is difficult given the many different variables at play. We've been scraping the web for years, and decided to build our own solution to help ourselves and others choose which web scraping API is the best for their needs.

This is our first iteration of this dashboard - stay tuned!

Which APIs do we test?

Web Scraper API

An API brought to you by Datashake.



An API run by two indie hackers.

Scraper API


A capable API owned by the private equity SaaS Group.



An API owned by the private equity SaaS Industries.



One of the older scraping vendors on the market.

⭐ Success rate (percentage)

A higher success rate is better as it returns your expected result faster.

In the last week, Web Scraper API has had the highest success rate at 64%, and Zenscrape the lowest at 20%.


📈 Time to success (average seconds)

A lower time to success is better as it saves you compute power.

In the last week, ScrapingBee has had the fastest time to success at 0.81 seconds, and Scraper API the slowest at 21.11 seconds.

Have you tried the Web Scraper API? Our Web Scraping API is the culmination of years of learning the ins and outs of web scraping, having run several hit APIs like the Review Scraper API, Local NAP API and Review Index API. Sign up and give it a try today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this data generated?

We make multiple requests to each API per day with their free accounts (to avoid biases), using the exact same 5 URLs and parameters, and store the results. Success is measured based on a string comparison of the expected result.

Is your data biased?

Our company lives and dies by our data, and introducing a bias would quickly become evident when you run your own tests. Our data is presented without bias.

Do you partner with the APIs you test?

We use the free accounts that each provider makes available, with the sole reason of reducing any bias in their handling of our requests. Our aim is to showcase the results that any web user could achieve, not the results from a partnership.

Why is this data important?

The success rate of your web scraping partner, as well as the time to success will directly impact your financials and thus your bottom line. For example, if your requests take 50% longer than they should to succeed, you're keeping a thread open uneccesarily which costs you in compute.

How can I learn more about web scraping?

You can subscribe to our newsletter to receive insider tips to help you get an edge.

Can you expose more data?

If that would be useful, then yes! Feel free to contact us with your ideas and we'll see what we can do.

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